Performing for Refugees, Streetkids and Smiles for Change

PWB Team Day

The week started with un unexpected PWB Team Day due to political unrest. The partner organisation told us to stay at home and not to leave the house. As scary as it seemed, nothing happened fortunately. On the positive side, we had a team day to improve transitions of the show and share our skills with each other. We had so much fun! Also Spades shared the “miracle fruit” activity with us. You take a pill of this tropical miracle fruit, let it dissolve, and then all sour fruits taste extremely sweet! Also we lifted up our power level by daring to break an arrow through our bodyweight placed at the base of our throat.


Working with street kids

After two weeks with Sarakasi we have met up this week with a new partner GRT, an Italian NGO which works with street kids. The aim is to help to safeguard them from a life of drugs (sniffing fuel and glue), crime, violence, and prostitution through activities (like our workshops and shows), talks and counseling.  On the first day we found ourselves in the community hall close to Kikomba Market in Pumwani again where we cooperated with the “Amani Lazima” project. Now, same place but a different organisation. We performed for a group of young adults of this area.


In the afternoon we went to the rehabilitation and refugee centre Heshima Kenya of GRT. Most of them are from Ethiopia and Somalia. Here, they have the possibility to attend school and continue their education with vocational training in areas such as beauty, tailoring, catering, mechanics, and ceramics.

The younger kids live in families from their same culture while the older youth live in small groups together. Not all of them speak English or Swahili so it was not always easy to explain our games to them. But laughter and expression don’t need words :). That is the beauty of social circus – playing and being creative together regardless of what background you are from.

On the second day with GRT we performed our show at the Mlanga Kubwa (“Big door”) slum for over 100 young adults. It was a very special and intense experience because most of those that were in attendence sniff glue or fuel. If you ask how we might make an impact, take a look at these pictures:


AFTER / WHILE the show

Refugee and Rehabilitation centre

In the afternoon we gave workshops at the Heshima Kenza centre in Eastleigh.

The motivation these young adults displayed was amazing. They were very shy the day before during the games but that day their energy, joy and laughter filled the hall. Learning new skills can be contagious…


Smiles for Change

On Friday we returned to Kenyatta Hospital. We have started to connect deeply with some of the kids and can feel how our presence and love is needed. The kids so enjoy being hugged, entertained by the puppet show, and participating in our special obstacle course. With the kids at the burns unit we drew the most beautiful pictures (as far as our abilities allow) and the children would colour them. The kids had some pretty demanding requests for us, but we did our best to please them. 🙂


Next week we head off to the Ngong Hills to stay with the Dream Childrens Home for two nights.  Our next adventure is coming.


Julia Schmitz, Germany







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