We have wheels

May 19, 2007

PWB has its transport to India.  This is a major milestone, as the bus will become home to us for 9 months.

The bus

We have a 1978 Bedford Duple coach which has been converted to a motorhome.  She’s mechanically sound with a massive 8.2 litre engine.  Work will be need to be done inside to make her super comfortable for the long road to India and work on the outside to involve her in the show.

In other news we have selected the PWB team this is great as we can now start putting together our show and build a real team ethic.  More details.

Recent Channel4 Dispatches

May 2, 2007

The Channel4 Dispatches season is back with some very interesting documentaries. Firstly, ‘Between The Mullahs & The Military‘ which explores the struggle for power in a post 9/11 Pakistan. This was a fascinating expose of the degree to which Pakistan is controlled by the military and the lengths some religious leaders are taking to wrestle control. This is relevant for PWB as we are hoping to work in 2005 earthquake refugee camps high in the mountains of Pakistan.

Perhaps even more relevant for PWB is the documentary ‘The Indian Miracle?‘ with Krishnan Guru-Murphy (interview). This explores the underbelly of the Indian boom; here we see those who are not part of this so called miracle. Krishnan puts the two parts of Indian society into sharp relief and meets some of the people who have no part in India’s growth. It is difficult but fascinating viewing. I do however have some some issue with Krishnan’s conclusions – that India will accept such poverty – rather I have some hope in the new middle class to work to alleviate many of the issues. The organisations that PWB work with in India are examples of Indian civil society attempting to meet these huge demands.

Both documentaries are available to view through the Channel4 4oD service. Unfortunately I have a Mac so can’t check out how good this service is.