1st PWB show in India was a stonker

October 22, 2007

On the 21st October in the beautiful surrounds of the Karm Marg home we put on a show of many acts of comedy, skill, poise and magic.  It was a fantastic event that all enjoyed very much.  Unfortunately we were all performing so we don’t have any pictures but we do have a video.  An edited version will be on the website as I get the time.

The day was a Hindu festival called Dassera, so as it got dark the children burnt the image of Ravana (a ten headed god of Lanka) – much like we burn Guy Fawkes.  His crime was to steal Ram’s wife Seta and take her to Sri Lanka.  After the burning the Bollywood music started blaring and we danced, hands in the air, with the children.

On another note the Karm Marg home is a long way from the nearest internet access, so please be patient with replies to any emails.

Matt x

PWB the charity

October 16, 2007

Great news; today as I was sitting in my hotel room in Delhi (under the consent whirle of the ceiling fan) I got a phone call from the charity commission.  Due to the current state of the post he’d kindly called (unbeknown to him that the post to India takes even longer) to say that Performers Without Borders is a charity!

Our charity number is 1121236.

More details and what this means will be on the website soon (as soon as I can find somewhere to plug my laptop in).