Sarakasi, Hospital and Prison in Nairobi

January  22  – 28, 2018

P erformance and teaching skills in workshops at Sarakasi.

W hat a vibe in the morning with the Amani Lazima dance group in the township Pumwani!

B oom! The fire workshop with safety instructions, dipping station and fire spinning was the bomb for  the young adults. All of them participated and had lots of fun!

K imati maximum security prison was a tough experience this week! Some of these guys are already in there for 20 years. Some of them are innocent or in for petty crime, but due to lack of funds to pay for a lawyer they are stuck serving long sentences. The workshop we did with them was a very emotional but also enriching experience.

E nthusiasm and energy is what drives us to give our all to every project and it is given back to us at the same time!

N o smile and laughter will last more in our memories than the ones from the children in Kenyatta hospital. We performed, danced, hugged and played again with these vulnerable young souls and drew some nice pictures with them. Thanks to the team of Smiles for Change!

Y MCA primary school kids (150) loved our show. Great to inspire kids at that young age!

A gain a Saturday with the kids program at Sarakasi. We played a lot of games, learned songs and games of their culture and made them perform little snippets of their new learned skills!

written by Julia Schmitz, Germany


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