India Boot Camp 2018 ~ be aware of your own abilities.

The start of our journey in India and the journey from within ~ Be aware of your own abilities.

I can’t believe the first chapter of our India tour is over.
I am currently sitting and writing this on the train to Ahmedabad, reflecting on time in Gokarna and our introduction to the PWB India tour.
In some respects it has gone so quickly, in others it has felt like a lifetime. I have already learnt so much and made lifelong friends. It is crazy to think we have only known each other for ten days.
I feel so close to each and every member of the team.

On the fourth of January I was sat eagerly waiting for my flight to Goa. I was unbelievably excited my dreams of facilitating workshops in India had come true. I was about to meet a group of talented and beautiful people. But an ongoing fear that I was not as talented as them was eating away at my excitement. I started my scrap book with a drawing of the team’s journey to meet each other. Each member playing with their specialist prop along their journey.
Xander, swinging his rope dart on the plane from the USA.
Daniel, a juggling clown with hula hooping Sophie on the train from Mumbai.
Jules flying with her staffs from London.
Livi and Kiera waiting for us to arrive in Goa with their hula hoops.


I drew myself last, what was my speciality?
Eventually, I drew myself with my theatrical clock I use for interactive performances. I drew my poi second. My clock wasn’t with me nor was it a circus prop. This drawing helped me to value the skills that I am arriving with that aren’t explicitly related to circus. I have since realised that valuing our skills and being confident in our abilities was a shared learning curve among the team in Gokarna.

Boot Camp was a time for us all to get to know each other. We spent the evenings sat in beach restaurants eating curry and drinking fresh juice. During this time we started to talk about how surprised we were to be accepted on to the team and how we weren’t expecting to get on. It was nice to share this experience of excitement with the team. We talked about how we were trying to guess what each other would be like through their social media presence.
We had all read about the wonderful projects and performances each and every member of the team have been involved with in the past. This left us with a personal fear that we were going to be the “weakest link”.
Once we shared this feeling with each other it was evident that each and everyone of us had strengths and abilities that cannot be compared to anybody else. We all have our own performance styles and personalities that are a valued asset to the team.

I asked each member of the team to speak about the others abilities:

Kiera- “You are an incredible teacher and carer. A mother of the group with a positive strength that I look up to”. Said by Poppy).
Xander- “Always has something to offer and share. There are so many different parts to your personality that is blooming with positive energy”. (Said by Kiera).
Sophie- “I have met many hooper’s in my life but no one with the stage charisma that you have”. (Said by Xander).
Livi- “I feel really honoured to be here next to you doing this beautiful thing that we are all doing. Thank you for pulling us all together and making this happen”. (Said by Sophie).
Daniel- “I am really impressed with the way you handle stuff that’s completely new to you. That’s really blown me away”. (Said by Livi).
Jules- “You got me excited about everything all over again. The stuff that your bringing and you can teach is awesome and unique.” (Said by Daniel).
Poppy- “You radiate sunshine every second even when your vomiting out of a car window you still come back with a smile on your face”. (Said by Jules).


It was clear from this exercise that each and every one of us have unique abilities that are valued by others. We are here because we believe that through performance children can grow in confidence.
Through play they can discover their own abilities.

You too have abilities that are valued by others.
It is this strength that brings happiness and joy to those around you.

Be aware of this strength and its ability to change the world.


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