…and so the phrase “shits and giggles” has never been so apparent. Yep, as we roll with the tide of the river Ganges into the weekend a sudden urge came about me to summerise our stay in Varanasi thus far. Unfortunately with this sudden urge came the feeling many an Indian backpacker would have experienced as ‘Delhi belly’. You may have been fooled into thinking such an occurrence only happens in the bustling city of Delhi (the clue is in the name you might think) but alas Varanasi has struck, such a title has not yet been found for this holy city though the air of the Ganga guest house our humble abode for this month has been turned a darker shade of blue with many names unsuitable to repeat. Just when you were bragging to your friends at how much street food you were consuming and how you might ask Mr. street food man for more chilies next time because you’re just so darn hardcore! Pah ‘Delhi belly’ it’s just a myth you say; “think again sunshine” your belly rumbles, it’s time we got to know those Indian toilets a little better, think of it as a cultural experience, a coming of age, spiritual awareness, meditation, irrigation, whatever you want just get me there quick! The Indian toilet can be disorientating for the western eye but fear it you must not, the calming soundtrack of the traffic down below or the moo of encouragement by a passing cow can relax the mind and possibly gives you time to think about writing a BLOG for the first time, you also have the beneficial factor of leaving your first, second, third, forth experience with a slimmer waistline and toned thighs (Indian PWB fitness DVD out soon). Now you may think this would defeat many a group of people but we are not just any group of people, we are Performers Without Borders, we laugh in the face of such illness (just laugh not so hard) we fight to the death against this mystical beast (with plain rice and steamed vegetables) and we feed off the energy of the children we came to teach, smiling and forever listening to the tides of the river Ganges and not to the tides of our own bellies…now pass me the electrolades squire!


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